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[GMT][LFP] Dungeon Fantasy RPG Weekend Session

  . . . the “plot” for a hack-and-slash adventure will be very simple. “Joe the Barbarian, with his friends Ed the Barbarian and Marge the Barbarian, went down into a cave. They saw lots of monsters and killed them and took their treasure. A dragon ate Ed. Joe and Marge ran away. The End.” – GURPS Basic Set What is Dungeon Fantasy RPG? In the beginning, an adventure consisted of meeting an old wizard in a tavern, and following the dusty map he gave you and your friends. Inevitably, you were led to a complex series of rooms, usually underground, filled with monsters and their treasure. You slew the monsters, took the treasure, and returned to the tavern to celebrate (or heal your wounds). The DFRPG system is a dungeon crawler, hack and slash RPG built on a modified GURPS system stripped-down and shaken-out for loose change. The default setting is kitchen-sink fantasy with hobbits, dragons, dwarves and goblins... with some extra spice thrown in like subterranean beetle people that live in warrior societies and the infinite varieties of elf. Players take the role of 'delvers', professional explorers slash adventurers with a lust for treasure and a violent drive to kill everyone and everything that gets between them and their gold. Delvers are already highly skilled experts in monster slaying by game start, ready to dive in and carve bloody swaths though hapless dungeon denizens (or get eviscerated by their bigger, meaner cousins) from the first session. I love this system and I love the guys behind it. There is a sort of light hearted humour throughout that's a breath of fresh air compared to the soulless corporate polish of the mainline D&D/ Pathfinder games. The Game "You open the door, and discover a 10 by 10 room. You see a large orc, and a chest." I am posting to see if there is any interest in a text-only game using this system in a weekend timeslot in the evenings GMT. I did post an ad earlier this week but I made some mistakes there which I hope I've fixed. I would be interested in running through the published content that comes with the DFRPG boxed set and then maybe afterwards extending that into other pre-built dungeons or the occasional homebrew thing if the group lasts. If interested, please post below with availability. I've already had one guy interested in a game every other week on a Sunday at ~7 o'clock, but I'd need two or three others interested in that time as well.
I have made a LFG listing: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>