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Dungeon Crawling System

Hello everyone, I'm not sure whether or not this is the right section but here goes. I'm looking for the right system for me: 1. I like designing dungeons and having the players experience those dungeons.  2. I like resource management . 3. I like tactical battles , sort of like playing chess with some random elements. 4. I like simple, non-arguable rules . I've looked into quite a few systems but always find them too rule-heavy be it Shadowun, D&D, Call of Cthulhu etc... There's nothing I hate more than arguing about rules. 5. I don't mind role-playing but it's not what I prefer either. 6. I like teamwork .  7. I like using boards with tokens/miniatures on them at all times which fits well with my interest in dungeon-crawling. 8. I've looked into board games as this it seems it's closer to what I'm looking for but it doesn't seem right either. Boardgames lack player advancement .  9. I want a GM to be present, I don't want any co-op games without a GM like Warhammer Quest, Shadow of Brimstone or Silver Tower. 10. I'd like something like Hero Quest but with some basic character advancement and an XP system. 11. I like special dice as opposed to numerical ones.  12. I like cards with abilities to hand out players. 13. I'd like something more than *just* combat without getting too abstract. In other words I like player actions to be limited to some extent , sort of like when you play a game with simple rules where you don't need to ask yourself where such and such action fit in with an abstract set of rules. 14. I don't want the Str, Dex, Con, Wis, Int, Cha system or D20 system. I want something different and fresh . I know it sounds like a lot of specifications and maybe I'd have no choice but to design something of my own with so many requirements. I've been looking for a really long time now, both in board games and pen and paper but I can't find anything. Let me know if you have some suggestions. Thank you!
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