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[LFG] Player searching for dice to roll in any system

Hello! I'm on the hunt for a new tabletop game of any kind. I've been on a scifi kick lately so I'd love it if I could find one in that genre, be it grand space opera or gritty cyberpunk. But the title says any system and I mean it, so let me take on the dreaded task of describing myself as a player.  I have more experience with systems like L5R (both editions now), FFG Star Wars (All of it. I help run a living campaign that has been ongoing for 2+ years. Let’s talk about how crafting is busted), 13th Age, and some minor excursions into FATE and Mekton. I've played 5th Edition than the older editions but I'm fairly comfortable with it.  I tend to swing towards older characters, such as a scarred captain of the guard or a jaded space trucker with too many debts to turn down that one shady job in a bad sector. I like martial classes in a fantasy setting but in a modern/sci-fi setting I enjoy being the driver. Give me your cars, spaceships, or Akira motorcycles. If I can get my hands on some sort of power armor, be it full on robots or smaller suits, I'm going to do it if the system allows. In the end I'm drawn to interesting concepts than min/maxed builds. I like rolling big numbers but if I can find a concept that appeals to me, is fun to both roleplay and roll play, I'm going to run with that instead of hunting down the most optimized build on an obscure forum. If that reads like someone you want in your party, let me know! I'm currently looking for a game in the evenings, preferably after 6pm CST so I dont have to rush home from work. 
Heyo Amanth! I’m currently trying to get a couple more players for a game of thrones rpg. We are going to be playing every Tuesday from 8:15-11:15 pm EST. If you’re interested, please check out the listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Unfortunately paid games are a bit out of my wheelhouse at the moment. Thanks for the offer though!&nbsp;