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Where are my Fall of Mithos Maps?


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Just made my first purchases as a Pro subscriber. I started with the PHB and The Fall of Mithos Addon. I applied the addon to my test game. I have all the texts and tokens. But I can't find the 4 maps it was supposed to come with anywhere in the game. The same thing with that free little Roll20 map pack addon you get when you subscribe for pro as well. Both are added to the game, but the maps are not under my purchased content in the art library and they are not in any of their folders in the journal. Am I missing something?
Update: this is what i see when i click on the addon
Nic B.
Roll20 Production Team
Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
You should be able to find them already set up in the pages tab at the top of the screen (little blue page icon).
Wow. lol. Thanks man. I never would have found that.
Hello Eadsmire, I am glad to hear this issue is resolved. As such, I am going to close this thread. Feel free to start a new thread if you have any additional issues. Happy rolling!