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BECMI,MYSTARA. To Close the Portal to Everyplace

Your party is tasked to seek and destroy a portal that leads to every place in any plane of exiistance, in the Known and Unknown Worlds. Seeking a party of 6 hardy adventurers starting at level one using the Rules Cyclopedia BECMI , we are using skills, weapon mastery and no level caps on Demi Humans. Playing every other Saturday night playing on Roll20 and DISCORD from 7pm -11pm central standard time. Session Zero will be our first get together to do Character creation
Hey there Adventurers. Our Party Currently has 2 players. seeking 4 more. comment or message if you would like to play
Ready to go here!
Hey Folks are you Old School. looking for adventure and Danger. maybe some mystery and untold Horror. then Come join this Campaign..!!
Ok guys we have 2 players Need 4 more
Campaign is Starting soon. Seeking 4 players
We currently have 3 players seeking 3 more, new players welcome
Still seeking Players. Anybody out there
Any players of BECMI out there..?
Seeking 3 players Character Creation is this Saturday Night, message if interested
Hello, I'm looking to get into a BECMI game.
Character Creation is Tomorrow Still seeking 2-3 more players
Still seeking 2 more players for this Campaign
I am down if you still need one more player
seeking 1-2 more players
Hey Folks we lost a Potential player so im Still seeking 2 players. we need to get char Gen Done this Week Before Friday , First Real Session is on Saturday. comment or message if interested in playing
seeking 1 more player campaign starts tomorrow
seeking 1 more player
still need 1 more player
Hey, Tim! I'd love to join if that slot is still open.