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Unable to post campaign to LFG


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I recently attempted to post a campaign I would like to run to LFG so I could find players to partake in it. However, after no fewer than a half dozen attempts the campaign WILL NOT post. I've made it public, filled out all pertinent details and requirements, etc. I've even gone to far as to delete and remake the campaign then copy the details of campaigns that were successfully posted, to no avail. On my campaign page it claims that it is listed under LFG, however when I logged off and searched and had friends log in and search, we were all unable to find it. Chrome 33.0.1750.154 Windows 7 Flash 12.0 Javascript and Cookies Enabled
Campaigns can take, I believe, up to two hours to show up in the looking for groups listings after you have submitted them for posting. How long ago did you post it?
Oh, okay. I did not know that. I posted it about an hour ago, if even that.
J, is the campaign showing up in the LFG listings now?
Yes, it is. Thank you for the assist and follow-up.
Glad to hear it's working now. :)