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Old School- BECMI,B/X. Moldbay, HOLMES Blue Box community

Old School is for those who Love the Dungeons and Dragons World that started BEFORE Ad&amp;d. Blackmoor. Chainmail. Moldvay. B/X. BECMI. Mystara, Hollow World . the Rules Cyclopedia and more. Click the Link and Request to join in the Join here section.if youre a Grognard of Epic scale then Dm a game here, or seek to play Request to Join Here&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Do you play. Then Come join us
Old School . Much Better than 5e. Come join us
Grognards are u out there..?
You could start an empty game, set the start date 3 months out, set players needed to 100, and could recruit much easier through your LFG post than a forum post. Seems interesting though.&nbsp;
Already have a LFG. Hello Grognards come on over
OSR community are you out there..?
Dungeon Masters and Players Welcome to the Community
Grognards are you out there
Come join us
what is your favorite OSR game
come on over grognards and play
.. osr is here to stay
Can i join you folks? Is it still relevant?&nbsp;
Roee AV said: Can i join you folks? Is it still relevant?&nbsp; yes it is there is a resurgance of osr games
osr fans come join us
osr is the new wave. come join us