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5e Shaped sheet automated damage?

I'm pretty new to APIs and macros so I don't really know how to do this but one time I played a game where the GM used the 5e Shaped Sheet and we would have a bar on the top left with our attacks, and once we clicked it it would ask us to select a target, and when we selected the target it would roll the attack and automatically damage the enemy if it had hit.  I've been snooping around trying to find a script for this, but without much luck. All I want is for singe target attacks, no need for accounting for resistances, etc. From what I gathered it could be done with TokenMod, which I have installed, but I don't know anything about java or programming, so I'm a bit lost...
Sheet Author
Have you checked out the thread for it?&nbsp; The first post has a lot of info, and then there are questions and answers sprinkled through the rest of the thread.&nbsp; It also would be a good place to ask specific questions about that script.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I tried checking there, but there were so many terms I didn't understand that I gave up.&nbsp;&nbsp; I'll try again with a little more patience then.