Has anyone reading the Specific Use forum ever used this Firefox add-on ?  It gives the user the option to export or import tables, macros and characters in JSON format. And I was thinking about leveraging the tool to work with still another third party tool that I use for character management. In the best of worlds, I'd have PCGen export its updated character data in XML, I'd convert this to JSON and the use the Firefox add-on to import and overwrite old character data in Roll20--and vice versa. I know that motivated folks have done middleware for PCGen and Roll20 for the Pathfinder rules . But for a number of years now, I've been looking for something similar that would work with D&D 3.5**--without doing all the labor of writing it myself. I love PCGen; its character management in crunchy systems like 3.5 is unparalleled. I love Roll20; its system neutrality, its huge flexibility and its ease of use is wonderful. I'd just love to get these tools to work together in an automated way to avoid tedious data entry and duplication.  I realize this is not a support forum for third party tools but I was just wondering about tips or suggestions of where I can look to find bridgeware that someone already wrote.  If such exists, I'd love it if the Roll20 help wiki was updated to include this documentation. ** I spent a lot of money investing in the dead trees of 3.5, and third party OGL books. I'm not giving that investment up for the shiny chrome of Pathfinder or 5.0.