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Group Check Issue with 5E-OGL and Proficiency Die

Hi, Jakob's Group Check script seems to run into issues when the imported 5E-OGL checks are used in conjunction with the Proficiency Die variant option on hte 5E-OGL character sheets (PCs only). The issue seems to arise because the 'pbd_safe' variable changes to 'cs0cf0' with this options selected, and when this is run through the Group Check script, it doesn't seem to be dealing with it properly. If a PC is not proficient with a Save or a Skill, then Group Check ignores the PC's attribute bonus/penalty, rolling a straight d20 instead (it shows the math if you hover over the result) If a PC is proficient, then Group Check works as expected. I don't understand the root cause of this, because if I type '/roll 3cs0cf0' in the chat window, it will always give me '3' as expected, yet inside the script the number suddenly becomes zero, or just ignored. If the OGL Proficiency Bonus sheet option is changed back to 'By Level (Default)', everything works fine. But of course I want to use the Proficiency Die option..... Can anyone help with this? Does it require a script fix, or a whole new set of check formulae?
Jakob has been kind enough to look into this problem, and it required a fix in the script. He has issued a pull request for the fix, and it will be version 1.10 in the One-Click scripts when it's done. In the meantime, if anyone needs it, the updated script is here . Thanks for the help, Jakob!