You all head south down the passageway. This hall is choked with dust and cobwebs. Up ahead, flickering lights dimly illuminate a larger hall running perpendicular to this one. Where the two halls meet, words have been scrawled on the ceiling in dried blood. "AWAKEN NAPAKA!" You tell Trayzeal to keep his magical mace at the ready, as this is the mace Thazma identified as being designed to destroy a construct named after Napaka. You poke your head into the corridor to look around. Large puddles of gray slime spread across the floor of this ten-foot-wide, gently sloping hallway. Candles flicker on riveted sconces, casting dim light across a sequence of sculpted reliefs depicting humanoids with bestial heads kneeling before a black star. At the lower end of the hall, a thick purple drape hangs wall to wall. At the upper end, the hallway terminates. Grizz heads up the hallway to examine the reliefs, while Javelin looks behind the curtain. Behind the curtain he sees that the hallway comes to a dead end 15 feet beyond the purple drape. A six-foot-tall statue of a leering four-armed gargoyle stands against the back wall. One of its arms has broken off and lies on the floor in front of it, its hand curled into a tight fist. The other three arms have their clawed hands open in such a way as to suggest they're meant to hold something. Carved into the wall above the statue is a riddle: Three I need Then three more Three more still Opens the door He hits the hand on the broken off arm and it opens revealing three gems. He puts these gems in the other hands which promptly close tightly, crushing the gems to dust. The hands then reopen. Javelin finds 3 more gems in his gear and repeats the process. As he is doing this, Grizz has been examining the reliefs. A bas-relief depicting a crocodile-headed humanoid holding up a trapezoidal chest, and close inspection of the relief reveals that the chest's keyhole is real. Suddenly Taryzeal feels the urge to murder. Before anyone is able to react, he stabs at Besh who is just behind him, wounding him deeply. He then darts up the corridor and stabs his sword into the back of an unsuspecting Grizz. He then runs down the corridor, heading for the purple curtain. After a moments confusion you all react and start fighting back. When Trayzeal takes his first wound he suddenly realises that all that the Aboleth had been telling him is a lie. His mind returns to his control and he apologises profusely for his attack. Grizz returns to the relief, and Trayzeal realises his jade crocodile key might be the key for this lock. They try it and 'click' it works, revealing a narrow crawlspace. b'Urp, being the smallest, volunteers once more to scout the crawlspace ahead. He follows it and finds himself in a room behind what is obviously a large secret door leading to the main passageway. Leaning up against the secret door is a stone construct. On a shelf at the back is a lustrous, spiked ruby as big as a human fist.  b'Urp finds a mechanism and the secret door slides open revealing the hallway beyond. By this stage everyone else has retreated to a safe position up the earlier hallway. The mechanism does not do anything. b'Urp then grabs the gem and leaps back into the crawlway. He starts smashing at the construct from a distance using his mystical monk powers. However Trayzeal thinks that the mace he found should destroy the construct so he draws it and moves into the passageway. Suddenly the mechanism starts rolling towards him, faster  than he thought it would. He stands his ground as the juggernaut approaches and swings wildly, missing it badly. However he uses the momentum of the swing to dive to the very side of the passageway where he pushes himself against the wall and floor hard. It's a close thing and the wheels remove several of his buttons, but that is certainly better than being crushed. He swings the mace again, and this time the head of the mace touches the juggernaut which immediately turns to dust. b'Urp comes out and shows you all the gem he found. Biff recognises it as what the Company of the Yellow Banner had been looking for - the Eye of Zaltec. He explains that for centuries, this fist-sized ruby surmounted the Great Pyramid in Nexal, capital city of the Maztican Empire. The gem is a relic of the cult of Zaltec, and its dagger-like point was plunged into the hearts of countless sacrifices. The Yellow Banner had been hired in Waterdeep by the Blackstaff to retrieve it. You head back the way you came, but do not want to face the Aboleth again so head back up the spiral staircase a few levels. You come out near Withers room and head the other way to a dead end where you find a secret passage. You pass through a small room where water fills a carved tone font, through another secret door and find yourself at the central staircase. You can see the room with the gargoyles you destroyed far below. On the other side of the chamber you see a plaque on the wall. You decide to examine it, but as you pass by a large set of stone doors in which three oval holes are carved  at human head height. As you approach, three humanoid heads stick out of the holes, each covered in putrid flesh and gnashing on an iron bit bolted to a chain bridle. They seem to be unable to get you though. You kill one of them and move on. You move closer to the plaque and see: You examine two more passages leading from the central staircase. The one to the north leads to a small room. The walls and floor of this fifteen-foot-square room are cracked and carved with images of terrified humanoids falling. Set into the middle of the floor is a stone bas-relief of a bearded devil face, painted green. Forlorn cries echo from the black void of its gaping maw. You decide not to go that way. You head the other way towards a large chamber where you can see a gilded coffin which appears to be sparkling in sunlight coming from above. Halfway there you cross another intersection. At this four-way intersection, the corridors to north and south curve upward and out of sight, but with no rails or steps to allow them to be climbed. The corpse of a half-human, half-goat creature in robes sprawls ten feet to the north. It grips a staff tipped with a bronze goat's head. Javelin heads in to examine the corpse and finds that he appears to stay on a level surface. When he looks behind him he can see you standing as if on an angle. It is obvious that in this hallway, level is relative.  Biff recognises the corpse. It belongs to Devlin Bashir, a Calishite wizard and member of the Company of the Yellow Banner. Devlin's goat-like features are the result of a curse, and he was killed by tomb dwarves after he became separated from his companions. His remains reveals that he was killed by wounds from axes and crossbow bolts. Devlin's ink-stained robes contain a journal, he carries a goat headed staff, and in his robes is also a spellbook and inkpot. His journal reads: Javelin looks at Tlad with suspicious eyes. Is he the doppleganger? b'Urp and Javelin decide to explore this strange circular passageway further. Javelin goes one way and b'Urp the other. They don't seem to meet at the top, but as they approach the bottom on the other side they see each other. However their companions are gone and the corpse of Devlin is no longer anywhere to be seen. They realise that this is some sort of mirror dungeon which they name 'the upside down'. They call the rest of you through and you start exploring the mirror dungeon. Going back into the main stairway, all looks exactly the same as the space you recently left - except you note three ghoul heads in the stone doorway - the one you killed earlier is still animated. You move back to the chamber that you have not explored yet. This room smells of wine. On a checkerboard marble floor, a gilded coffin sparkles in sunlight streaming down from the chamber's vaulted ceiling, which arches twelve feet overhead. Four huge stone gargoyle heads, their mouths agape, protrude from the walls. A skeleton with a square head stands looking around. It spots you and tries to run, but there is no exit from here. You promptly destroy it and collect the skull. You examine the gargoyle heads and see that in the large mouths is some sort of valve which is currently closed. You head back to the coffin, examine it, then open the lid. A wooden plaque inside the coffin reads "Drown your sorrows". As this happens you hear a rumbling sound as a stone block above the entrance way begins to lower. At the same time, red wine begins flowing out of the mouths. You all run and dodge under the stone block before it closes. Except for b'Urp. He is curious and wants to know what will happen, but as wine begins to fill the room he realises he may have made a mistake. He decides to climb in one of the mouths and swim up to where the wine comes from, but realises that while he can breathe water, he cannot breathe wine. He persists and swims into a large barrel shaped chamber. Thinking that if he swims to the top he will find air he finds that even though wine is pouring from the barrel it remains totally full. Something is magically replenishing it. Suddenly he is attacked by some creature in the wine. He tries to fight back, but it is difficult with no visibility and a lack of leverage. He flees back down the pipe and back into the room. The wine is almost over his head and he climbs up onto the ceiling. The creature that attacked him flows out of the pipe and two more flow out from other pipes. They are serpentine creatures made of the wine itself. Starting to panic, b'Urp retreats again, swimming back up the pipe he came from. Still no air pocket or exit to be found. Calling upon his elemental powers over water he manages to push the wine aside, creating a stale airpocket large enough for him to sit in. He is still surrounded by wine though. Suddenly the wine creature strikes at him again and in desperation he casts 'Destroy Water'. It works. The creature is instantly transformed to a fine red dust.  No knowing what else to do, b'Urp sits and hopes that rescue will come. After 10 minutes waiting he hears a clunk as the valve to the pipe he is in closes. He is trapped. He swims back down the pipe to the closed exit. Calling on all his might he kicks at the valve, but to no avail. He is trapped in a vat of wine. Meanwhile, on the other side of the stone block, you all realise that b'Urp has been left behind. Grizz is confident, having saved a special spell for an occasion such as this. He casts 'Shape Stone'. It does nothing, the magic melts away as soon as it is cast. You try everything you can to get past the stone block, but nothing suffices. You even go into the 'right way up' and trigger the trap in the mirror of this room (after killing the mirror skeleton), but cannot work out how to save b'Urp. However, after 10 minutes of trying the block raises back up of it's own accord.  You head into the room and hear a banging coming from one of the gargoyle mouths. Grizz is strong enough to open the valve by force, and b'Urp flows out, followed by a stream of wine. You decide that you need some time to rest and make your way back to the safety of Withers room. Tlad is able to identify the items you found. The staff is a powerful staff of striking that comes with a curse - the staff slowly turns the wielder into a goat hybrid. Grizz takes the staff, saying that he can change shape whenever he wants anyway, so the curse won't affect him too much. The ink bottle is also magical, being a never-ending supply of ink. You decide to set up watches for the night. Javelin, being nervous about Tlad being a potential doppleganger suggests a double watch. With Tlad being a dark elf, he will watch as he is in his trance and all others will take turns. This is agreed and you all enter a difficult sleep with the sound of Yakka's jokes lulling you to sleep.