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[LFP]5E Livestreamed over Twitch Wednesday nights starting between 6-7pm EST

Hello all. I'm looking at starting a campaign for between 4 and 6 players. Ideally would like a mixed group evenly split between guys and girls, because it makes for a better dynamic. Must haves: -Roll20 obviously -webcam -headphones and good microphone -willingness to have your voice and your face livestreamed over twitch as that is my intention with this game. -Good sense of humor -ability to work well within a group -willingness to RP the hell out of their character. (You don't need to do voices or anything like that, but if you can/do that's a bonus) -18+ (This requirement is because their will most likely be some F-bombs dropped here and there, as well as other curse words. Players will also be allowed to make adult jokes/inuendos/etc, but should refrain from Character-to-Character "relations", unless that has already been worked out and agreed upon between the 2 players involved. So if for example a girl and her BF are part of the group and they want their characters to get it on during the game, that's fine. HOWEVER, there will not be any Creeping. i.e. if you as a player , are hitting on another player  without them saying it's fine with them, they can let me know. 1st time it happens the offending player will be given a warning to cut it out. 2nd time and they're gone. I do NOT tolerate people doing that kind of stuff in my games, so let's all just be adults. Also, this is an inclusive game. If someone wishes to be referred to as him, her, they, etc, etc, we will all respect that persons wishes and refer to them as such.) Should have (but not 100% required): -D&D Beyond account. (I have an account and have the books that we will be using/allowing. Once you've been accepted into the my game, I will invite you to the campaign stuff with my D&D beyond account. This allows you to generate your character using the approved books/materials, as well as giving me access to your character sheets so I can see what's going on and add things to your sheets if necessary. If you do not have a D&D beyond account then you will need to make sure you send me copies of your character sheet periodically) -Experience playing. (Things are obviously easier for you and me if you already have experience playing 5th edition D&D, but it is ok if you don't as I'm more than willing to work with you and help out with character generation, rules questions, etc, and I'm sure any others in the group that do have experience would more than likely be willing to help) Additional Details: -Once I have enough players for this campaign we will set a starting date and have a session zero. (For those new to the game this is an introductory session where we discuss things, help each other with character creation/concepts, etc).  -During the session zero we will finalize starting times. I listed a start time between 6-7pm Eastern Standard time, but depending on who's involved and what time-zones we're dealing with, I will try to adjust to make a starting time that works for everyone. However, once a start time has been agreed upon I would like to stick to it as a firm starting time since we will be live-streaming this on Twitch and I want it to be consistent/reliable for any viewers of the game. -Missing games. This does happen. I myself have a day job that sometimes requires me to travel out of town (or even out of the country occasionally). Usually, I can still run games even if I'm out of town/country as long as the internet connection is strong and reliable, but there is always a possibility that I won't be able to run a session from time to time and I will do my best to try to give at least a weeks notice if I will be unable to run the next session. This should be rare, but as mentioned before it can happen. I also ask that if you are going to miss a session you do your best to try to give at least a weeks notice if at all possible. I also ask that if you commit to this game you truly make a commitment to it. As previously mentioned, I want this to be consistent and reliable for any viewers of the live-stream, so if I have 6 people in the group and then 4 of them just decide to NOT give any warning ahead of time and don't show up on game day, it can ruin the whole session. So once again, please, if you want to be in this game, commit to being available and in attendance on every game possible, and providing as much forewarning (a week or more if possible) for when you might miss a session. The Game Itself: -This game will be pretty standard D&D Fantasy, but using my own game world. If you want comparisons to get an idea, it is very similar to Faerun or to Greyhawk. Magic items and treasure won't be handed out like candy, but neither will I be stingy.  -Characters will be starting out at 1st level and the plan is to go all the way through to 20th. -The game will definitely include combat, usually at least 1 per session, but depending on what the group is doing there's also the possibility of not any combat during a session, especially since I really like it when players RP the F outta their characters so there will definitely be lots of RPing. -Advancement will be based on Milestones. -A few rules will be discussed and determined during the session zero, and the determination of those rules will be something that we all come to an agreement upon. The same will go for the game world itself. I want my players to feel that they have a part in how and what this world is, so during session zero I will ask the group some questions to get everyone's thoughts and the ones we all like will be implemented in the game world. Final Notes: If you have any questions for me about the game or any of the information I've posted above, please feel free to message me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with an answer.

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I'd love to participate if this is LGBTQ friendly because I'm about to strat transitioning from MTF. I have a dnd beyond account but havent gotten any books on it. I've been playing 5e for about 2 years. Been around dnd itself since the mid 80s with my dad starting to teach in 87. I was 6 at the time so it's been in my live pretty much the while time.
Yes Richard it is LGBTQ friendly. My game will not be discriminatory to anyone based on their Race/Religion/Sexual Preference/etc. Only things I am "Discriminating" on, is that if I have like 6 guys say they're interested and 1 girl, the girl would get preference over one of the guys, because as I mentioned in the post, I think it makes for a better dynamic to have a mix. And that girl could be a trans-woman or not, either is fine, and vice versa for men, trans or not. Again, as long as I have a good mix of people/personalities/etc I think makes for a more interesting group on camera.
Hi, I'm definitely interested! I don't have a D&D Beyond account but I can go make one super quick. I tend to focus more on the RP side of games anyways, so I'm certainly down with that! I have never live streamed before, but it does sound super cool! I've only ever really played one or two campaigns, but I've got some basic experience and am a quick learner. I guess let me know if you wanna know anything else!
am interested in joining i also have a dnd beyond account but i cant play on Saturdays since i got a rift game on that day
Hi there...Do you accept new players? If so, then I’m very interested in joining and willing to do anything to help the group out.
Update for those who've contacted me already. (and for anybody else following this).  I currently have 5 people interested in this campaign. Ideally I would like 6 people in total with a mix of different genders as having different perspectives from different people makes for a better group dynamic, especially on a Live-stream where you want the audience to feel like they could fit right in with the group no matter who they are. All of that being said, there are 2 things I need to mention. 1) As of right now I am short handed on women interested in this campaign, so if anyone knows of any women that would be interested in this type of game, please feel free to mention it to them, and have them contact me on here so that I can ask them a couple things and answer any questions they have. 2) I am considering allowing up to 2 more people, for a maximum cap of 8 players. This is of course dependent upon the number of people who show interest and the mix of the group. So as stated above, I would really love to add at least 1 and possibly up to 3 women to the existing group of 5, and would be willing to (and in fact very happy to) get a couple (Husband/Wife, BF/GF, or any couple involving at least 1 woman) to "apply" to the group.  Lastly, if after this weekend I receive zero contacts from women interested in this campaign, I will accept one more person (bringing the group to 6). So if you are a guy and are interested in this game, please feel free to contact me to show your interest, because if no females contact me for this campaign (or even if only 1 or 2 do) I will still probably include you in the game, but it'd be first come first served, so next guy to contact me would get that spot. Thanks
Update, getting closer to having the group filled, so if you're interested you should contact me as soon as possible or end up missing out.
I would be interested in joining if you have the room
Note for all: I now have all the players I need for this campaign. Thanks to all for all of the interest I have received, and I'm sorry that I could not include everyone who contacted me regarding the game.