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[LFG] Experianced 5e player looking for long term, free, text only campaign


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Hey, i'm twisted nice to meet you. I have been playing D&D on and off since 2005. Currently looking for a game that is text only, or a DM that will allow a text only player. (I have a mic, but too much background noise at this time to use it.) Possibly a late night game, as i usually work till 10:30/11pm Central time. Please if you are looking for a player, or are willing to let me join a here or drop me a Private message.  Thanks and i look forward to possibly playing with you. 
Id join you if you find something 
Just to clarify, i'm looking for a 5e D&D game.
IRC for OOC commenting and RP. Discord during combat (as long as you can listen and respond, that would work), because with text-RP, there is a shit load to type out with combat. Roll20 for combat rolls and maps. Saturday nights, 9pm cst. I am pushing hard for a first game 7-20-19. PCs start at lvl 8 and I only allow one of each class; currently having a ranger, rogue, warlock, paladin, and blood hunter. All 5e published content is fair game. It is D&D 5e, in a future Faerun (in order to not feel held to current lore events) where Faerun is at war; Giants, Thay, and Calimshan are the aggressors. If it sounds like something for you, send me a PM.
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You might want to look at some of the text communities on Roll20 and see if they have any games recruiting. I have a link to my community in my profile. Good luck.