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Token Image Changing and Chat

I have a proper rollable table set up for my commoners, so I can randomize or select the portrait I want.  Great. But every time I change it, it broadcasts stuff to the chat.  I would rather it did not, but I dont know how to stop it other than toggleing "talktomyself" every single time. Thoughts?
If you just select a token (or multiple tokens) and trigger "Random Side" on the right-click menu, yeah, it's gonna broadcast the rolls to chat. Manually selecting a side, however, doesn't. Your options: Temporarily turn on /talktomyself, select one or more tokens, then randomize their sides. Manually change them to the desired side, one at a time. Pro users have access to the API, and it's very easy to use a script such as TokenMod to quietly randomize their sides.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Building on Lady Victoria's suggestions, you can create a macro with the text  /talktomyself , and have a quick one-click toggle to switch it on and off as you need it.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Note that the API can only change the images if they are in a user library, not the Marketplace. If you need to swap marketplace images with the API, you must download them  and upload them to a user library first. On Rollable Table Tokens, I think it will only whisper it to you if it's on the GM layer, but I'm not completely certain. I've been asking to get rid of the chat result for literally 5+ years. :/  It is in there for when you drag dice to the tabletop, so you can roll them by selecting a random side, and everyone knows you used random instead of picking. But honestly, I don't know anyone that does that unless you're playing Fiasco. (And most people don't even know you can do it.)