Greetings! This morning we made some major changes as part of an ongoing project to improve the Roll20 Marketplace!  The marketplace search results are generally better and more relevant to your searches, and include relevant publisher pages when the search results includes a publisher. The landing page also loads a lot faster. There's a lot that went on "behind the scenes" to get those results more optimized for you, and it's all part of the marketplace improvements we're working on. In addition, we made the following changes and bug fixes: The "open in new" checkbox when inserting a link in the text editor is now properly aligned. After you login, you will be returned to the page you were on before you logged in. The confirmation dialog box when applying default settings to a game now displays all the setting types (for example: " The following settings are checked: 4 default token settings. Are you sure you want to apply these settings to all 10 characters in the game?” Large animated images in handouts now resize properly when previewed. Private messages now load much more quickly. Large tokens on the VTT no longer disappear when you scroll to the point where their center is off-screen. (Character Sheets: 5e D&D by Roll20): Minor adjustment to the Italian version of the sheet. If you haven't read the community roundtable round-up , check it out. Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the  most recent note .