It's back: the  Orr Group Industry Report  has new insights into the state of play across all of Roll20! This report explores trends within the tabletop gaming industry with a focus on the online tabletop community. Armed with improved data collection methods, the  Orr Group Industry Report  has returned with new insights into game system trends across all four million Roll20 users. Among other changes, the new Orr Report introduces the grouping of “Uncategorized” games which broadly reflect homebrew games and system customizations on Roll20. Previous reports, which used a sample based on users’ manual game listings, could not capture this segment that now looks to be a solid 14% of the Roll20 game population. The size of this group comes second only to the  Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition  system and shows that creative, personalized games are thriving in the tabletop ecosystem. For more insights, including a surprise surge in  Call of Cthulhu  campaigns and the data that suggests people approach it differently than other popular systems,   read the full Orr Group Industry Report (Q2 2019) on the Roll20 Blog .