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[Site] Campaign Folders

Score + 70
Sheet Author
API Scripter
In short, remake the Recent Campaign page to have the ability per user to put Campaigns in folders.  Change this space to have a list of campaigns, have the ability to create folders (Archive, Not Played, Finished, Sheet Tests, API Tests, etc.). When you click on a campaign it would send you to the landing page of the campaign while hovering would show the bigger picture (name, when the next game is, who is running, launch game, launch game as player, etc.).  It's an annoying problem, when this page is cluttered with old campaigns, because the Owner of them entered the game to check something out and it bumped it to the top. With folders, everybody would have it arranged how they like.
KS Backer
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I like this idea a lot; definitely in the boat of having to scroll through games where I am testing API or Custom Character Sheets, as well as having finished/postponed games that I would like to Archive. Also suggest that clicking a campaign in the folder structure jumps you to that campaign page, and a right click context menu that can jump you to the Game Settings, API Scripts, Chat Archive and External Journal pages.
+1 to this, would love to be able to organize my cluttered mass of pages as well as not have my players get irritated with me when i bump a years-dead campaign to find a sheet or image or something.
+1  Would save a lot of clutter for games that are defunct but I like to keep around for sentimentality.
Forum Champion
+1  This would probably help me run MORE games, due to keeping a folder of ones being mid-set-up, or still recruiting, while also keeping active weekly games up top.
+1 Being able to sort my games would be phenomenal.
+1 Absolutely would love this. I run so many games, and often rerun games I've done in the past so being able to organize them in folders, beyond just tagging the meta data, would be a great boon to the ever DM.
Great Idea
+1 for this wonderful thing~ Sorely needed.
+1, reducing the clutter and associating related games are both great ideas
I'd love this also.  It would be great to organize my games by my roll (e.g. dm vs player), by system (e.g. BX vs 5E), by campaign type (regular campaign vs convention one-shot), etc.  Basically I love what has been down within a game to organize maps.  It would be wonderful to have an equivalent organizing tools for games.