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Organize chat log by date and allow searching

I like the new pagination in the chat log. However, now I'm unable to search through the chat logs; previously, I was able to use the browser's "Find" feature to find text on the page, since it was all dumped out on a single page. I do prefer the new paginated format, but I would like a way to search the chat logs. Perhaps a better way of organizing the chat logs is to organize them by date. When I click the link to view all chat entries, it would be nice to present a list of dates for which there are chat log entries. For example: July 12, 2019 July 19, 2019 July 27, 2019 August 3, 2019 Each date would roughly be a session date (unless the session spanned dates, crossing midnight). When I click on a date, I would only see the chat entries for that date. The search feature request is separate from organizing the log by date, but I think it's also important to allow us to find things that might have been discussed in the game chat months ago. Thanks!

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Already made a post regarding this issue which seems to have several comments and upvotes. I think you might be better off supporting that one. Also, your request would put more strain on the server to find said information so I don't think it would be something that they would implement as a result, though I made the same suggestion in my post. As such, just being able to export the logs to PDF and search that way should work since there are tools available online for free to merge multiple PDFs into one master file. And as those files get larger, it's important to embed an index so the search is faster. There may be tools for that online but I'm not sure where to point you on that feature, I'll have to research it a bit further in depth later as time permits.
Feeding the chat logs into something like Elasticsearch and using that for the search functionality would probably keep things from being too taxing on the primary database.

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I'm sure, given what I read about it. But being that it's a paid service, seems like that would immediately become a plus and/or pro feature only. But if it's fast, it'd be worth it. I just wonder what the load would be like considering I've gotten responses in the other suggestion thread of chat logs of several thousand pages each for group.
I'd simply like an option to see the original chat logs as it was because, as mentioned, I also cannot search through the entire chat log at once, only a page at a time, and I have hundreds of pages, some with only 1 entry. 

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I've frequently taken saved backups of my game's huge chat logs to my local computer, then in the interest of quick log load times, just deleted it off the server.  In these local backups I can search as I please. But this was all before Orr recently added the paging option for chat archives. Which makes for faster loading of huge archives. But yes, I agree with you, now that they've add the paging organization, it would be nice to have a search function there as well.  I up vote this.
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