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We need a way to easily order and re-order maps in a game.

Like most GMS I have campaigns with dozens and dozens of live maps (by 'live' maps I mean maps that it would be very inconvenient to archive). It would be very helpful to have a screen when I could easily reorder my maps , or at least have a quick "Move to End" or "Move to Beginning" function. Currently I have to drag each map horizontally across the map bar every time I want to rearrange them for a given session. This is a tiresome process. Hope this proves helpful, The Claw.

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+ folders for maps
You both may want to read my four year old thread about page folders and perhaps add your comments there?
Thanks for the link Mr Farlops. I've upvoted that thread and will add my two cents.
Hello all,  As this is a duplicate suggestion, I am going to close this post to return votes. Feel free to put your votes in the suggestion thread here .  Thanks!