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Looking for group to play Cyberpunk 2020 with

I'm trying to learn how to play the game so I can start a group at my school. I'm open to join anyone.
What time zone are you in, and what times within that zone?
What Shroud said. I've been thinking about running some Cyberpunk 2020, but this is very little information to work with. 
Well to jump in on the thread, I'm looking for a good CP2020 game. I'm in CST and with the exception of Thursday and Saturday I have time free.
I'd like to play as well time zone is GMT+2 tell me what time it is even after midnight and I'll tell u if i can
Dude Ghosted, I Guess.
I mean if he doesn't wanna maybe the rest of us can instead :p
I'm generally in GMT+2 with a relatively open schedule, and mostly interested in running Cyberpunk 2020 2.1. Can't jack in on Fridays or Saturdays, but other evenings it'll probably be groovy.