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i bought some of the books online here....BUT

I bought several of the dnd 5e books so i can use the spells (i usually play spell casters) But when joining other games EVEN tho i already have access to the i cant use them if the gm doesnt have it? is this correct? 
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You should be able to access your own books, though your books won't be available to the others in the group unless they have also bought them, or the creator of the game has bought them and has activated Compendium Sharing for that game.
game im currently in my purchaces
just as a quick ref. i cant acces any of my 'purchases' in their game
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The game screenshot you posted shows all the backgrounds from the PHB. Those aren't in the SRD, nor are they in Acquisitions Inc. What are you trying to access that you can't get to?
all i have access to in the game is ONLY that. i DONT have acces to any of teh other spells i KNOW in XGE is a spell called primal savagery and i dont see it in the game. . although for some reason now i DO have access to everything now thank you for replying