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[LF2P] [Online] [Roll20] [Discord] [5e] [Campaign] [Homebrew] [Gygaxian] [Flexible Hours] [Weekly As Able]

Game: D&D 5e (Homebrewed Amalgam/Campaign/Old-School) Group Type: Online (Roll20/Discord) Experience: A few years+ (I myself, 30 years+) Location/Timezone: EST/CST (Ideal) Schedule: Evenings/Once Weekly (Roughly 8pm-1am EST) Roles Sought: Players (Need 2) Game style: Roleplay/Combat/Storyline Howdy folks, seasoned GM looking for 2 more players to help initiate his new 5e game. Currently have two other players awaiting its start who have already made their characters. The game itself, as already mentioned is D&D 5e. Starting characters will be 1st level and setting-appropriate; more info on that dealt with in either PM’s or through Discord chat as needed. As to setting? Gameplay will be an amalgam of several pre-existing modules fused together to form one cohesive campaign, strongly influenced by the good old days of Gary Gygax and other classic adventures. Whether or not the entire campaign sees itself to complete fruition however, is entirely up to you! Starting off with Goodman Games “Into the Borderlands” and then moving on to other pre-existing ideas and modules from a plethora of resources and own ideas. Preferences •    Mature (Age 25+ I myself being in his late 40’s) •    Sensible (Humor is great and I’m nuts, but it also has its own appropriate time and place) •    EST or CST Timezones (That way times started will be somewhat cohesive, myself being EST) •    Flexible Availability (I’m a realist who understands that not everyone’s schedule is equal) •    Discord & Roll20 capable (Used for gameplay and voice-chat/interparty messaging appropriately) If interested, feel free to contact me here and/or via PM with an blurb included about yourself, gaming experience, etc. and I’ll get back to you ASAP with more details. I don’t wish to waste anyone’s time so be sure you’ve read the entire entry here and understand it fully before responding. Ciao for Niao! Wulf
what day of the week were you planning on playing?
I'd be interested, also an adult over 40, if you play on tuesdays or wednesday days/evenings EST
Hay i'm interested in playing if you still have room i'm 18 and any day except wednesdays will work for me and my time zone is PST. I'm Skellyking #9535 on discord.