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Scheduled game reminder via e-mail

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This might seem silly, but I think it would help some players to get automatically notified maybe 24 hours before a game. Preferably an opt-in option. My reasoning is that while it's easy to know when the next game is if you play weekly, people with busy lives might forget if they play every other week, no matter how much they want to play and especially if it's not always the same day.  There are workarounds of course, like manually sending an email to the players, but the GMs have plenty to do already and it would make their life easier in that regard, I think.
This is a great idea.
Sheet Author
And maybe text alerts if you have the mobile app. Good idea.
This is good.  I have a suggestion about a general more detailed scheduling tool as well, and this would fit right in.  I don't suppose there is a way to merge posts?