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Bug or intentional oversight?

So I am a fully free user and was wondering if Fog of War option being shown as an option for map making but not being able to assign sights to a token was considered a bug or not. If its not a bug then why have it as an option for a map if you have to be a subscriber to use it? I dont get it at all
Sheet Author
Regular fog of war doesn't care how sight is set, it is a total black out.  Even with dynamic lighting, sight, field of view, or whatever else you get as a subscriber, regular FoW totally blanks out the screen for the players.  It then allows sight in only the places the DM removes the FoW.  This allows a free user to somewhat have the effect of dynamic lighting by only revealing the room/hall characters are in and revealing the next bit once they open a door.  The difference is that it is total manual control of what is possible to see by the DM instead of automatic with dynamic lighting.
Hello Eyra, As this question is about the use of a feature, I have moved it to the Specific Use Questions and Macros forum. Additionally, just to reiterate what Kraynic has already stated, the normal Fog of War is an option for all users. The feature you are thinking of is the Advanced Fog of War  and is only available to Plus or Pro users. Both of these are different features. Please check out the linked Wiki pages for each of features. We hope this information helps. Let us know if you have any additional questions.