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A session that my friend just broken the chat

Hello! I just record the video to show you the problem, Don't blame my recording because to record and showing the issue without script and not native language is hard. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> In the video my friend just tried some macro but he just made a mess on the chat, if i type something it doesn't show up, even if i clear the chat it's still there, if i try to see the chat log, nothing is wrong on the chat and show the stuff that i type in, what i can do? If there's a way to fix it i would be thankful :D

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Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
This is a known issue when the chat becomes broken due to a corrupt or malformed macro. You will need to clear the chat archives from outside the game, not from inside. On the outside find the blue setting button and click it for the drop down then click on delete chat archive and confirm it. Be careful and do not click on delete game by mistake. If there is anything in the chat you want to keep, best copy and paste it into a wprd document.
Hello Hugo, I am sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue. As Pat S. has stated, this issue can be resolved by&nbsp; clearing the Chat Archive &nbsp;(note: not&nbsp; clearing your current Chat Log ). The GM might want to copy/back up the Chat Archive before they clear it. We hope this information helps. Let us know if you have any further issues.