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08-27-2019 Roll20 Marketplace Update Bug Thread

Roll20 Team
This morning we pushed code that drastically updates our Marketplace Search! Marketplace Search Searching the Marketplace is now easier and returns more relevant results. From the Marketplace, click the Search field to enter a keyword and search. The search bar will automatically show a drop-down with some suggested marketplace publishers and categories, or you can add the keyword. You can add filters to the search by scrolling down to the author, tag, or category filters. Or, you can click the pop-out filter button. The filters will display on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also open the filters from the search page ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ). You can filter by the type of art, such as tokens or map packs, or the category of game, like RPGs or board games. From the marketplace home page, you'll need to click the Search button to complete the search. From the search results page, the results will update in realtime as you add search terms and filters. When you apply a filter, anything that is&nbsp; not &nbsp;in that filter will be excluded. If you apply multiple filters, both filters will need to match. So, for example, if you filter by the "Paizo" publisher and "adventure," you would only see items that are Paizo adventures. In addition to all these changes, the search results sorting has been modified to show the most relevant results at the top. You can change this sort order on the results page. We're not done upgrading the Marketplace experience! Look forward to more improvements down the road. As always, your reports are appreciated, please post them below!
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Just played with this for about five minutes, but this is nice! It's actually fun to search the marketplace.

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KS Backer
Still hoping that we will be able to filter out certain creators at one time or another. But this is really looking great. Edit: Oh! Does this mean we could get a wishlist?!?!

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Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Ahem . :) Ravenknight said: Edit: Oh! Does this mean we could get a wishlist?!?!
KS Backer
Stephanie B. said: Ahem . :) Ravenknight said: Edit: Oh! Does this mean we could get a wishlist?!?! Squeal! That's amazing news!