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Matt's Player Door Control Script- Not a marketplace image


Edited 1567009218
I would really appreciate a hand with setting up this script if anyone can help.&nbsp; I managed to get the 'Door', 'Switch' and 'Wall' linked and when a character opens/closes a door the dynamic lighting does flip.&nbsp; However I can't get the graphic to change from the rollable table.&nbsp; I get the chat output- (From Matt's Door Script): &nbsp;Not a marketplace image:&nbsp; undefined Do I have to use a set of doors from the marketplace?&nbsp; If so, I can't figure out which set.&nbsp; The images I made are 280x280 but they don't seem to function (obviously). (Edited for link:) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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Hi Goon Guy, the trick is to use a picture that you have imported yourself and not a picture found on the marketplace. Download the graphic to your harddrive and then re-import it and create the table and it should work.
Hey Ravenknight...&nbsp; Thanks for the response.&nbsp; It is still just not working and I am getting the same error.&nbsp; I must have to do with the image.&nbsp; I downloaded some door images, cut the background out with GIMP and uploaded them back up.&nbsp; Can you see anything wrong?
KS Backer
Can't say that I see anything wrong with it. If you want to you can invite me to your game as GM and I will see what I can do. I use Matt's Door-Script all the time and the only time I had the problem mentioned above is when using pictures directly taken from the Roll20 inventory and marketplace. Also, I recommend that you used Aaron's updated version if you're not already. It irons out a few kinks. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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I imported your door graphics and they work on my set-up so I don't think the problem are with the pictures. A thought struck me: What numbers do you have listed in Bar 3 of the switch? The lowest table number should be 0 and not 1.
Use these doors. The idea is if the doors are 5' doors you want to use a 10' space, then one is open and one is closed. Once set you cn rotate the whole mess to fit your space.
Thank for the help Al but no cigar.&nbsp; I am getting the same&nbsp; Not a marketplace image:&nbsp; undefined &nbsp;error.&nbsp; I will try again tomorrow.&nbsp; I am starting to think I may have a chrome extension or something that is messing with it.&nbsp; Kind of frustrated...&nbsp;&nbsp;
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Are you using a marketplace image for the switch? That could be a source of the error?
Ziechael... Good morning and thanks for the reply.&nbsp; No I am not using marketplace images.&nbsp; But I posted the PNGs I use and they seem to work fine for Ravenknight and when I tried to use Al's I had the same problem and they work fine for him.&nbsp; I think it is maybe a Chrome Extension.&nbsp; Will get back to you.
Oh I am sorry...&nbsp; For the switch!&nbsp; Sorry I just got up.&nbsp; No I am not.&nbsp; I will investigate that as well.
Ok well...&nbsp; I disabled all the extensions and It still doesn't work.&nbsp; Any suggestions?
KS Backer
If you can invite me and make me a GM, I can take a look. Other then that, I'm out of ideas. :)
SOLVED!&nbsp; Ok Ravenknight figured it out...&nbsp; The good news is- I am not in fact cursed!&nbsp; So...&nbsp; Yay... You have to grab the graphic (directly or indirectly) from the table itself.&nbsp; I was copying it from the library.&nbsp; You can use a copied door, but it has to be one from the table. Thanks to everyone again for their assistance