Hi all. Very new to Roll20 and I haven’t posted to the forums before, but I thought I would drop a quick note about a surprising interaction between two macros that I think is pretty cool. FIRST – BLIND ROLLS To start with, I wanted to set up Blind Rolls for my Players (where the player makes the roll, but only the GM sees the result). I found that in an API that you can get here: <a href="https://gist.githubusercontent.com/anonymous/7229593/raw/8c58626f35d31b0b28f2104c27264fc36f05a0d7/BlindRollToGM" rel="nofollow">https://gist.githubusercontent.com/anonymous/7229593/raw/8c58626f35d31b0b28f2104c27264fc36f05a0d7/BlindRollToGM</a> I then found a Blind roll macro to use and added it to my player’s character sheets and have it sitting as a token action button: BlindCheck !broll 1d20+?{modifier|0} for ?{reason|no reason}. &nbsp; This works well, provided the players can remember their modifiers 😊 SECOND – CONVENIENT SKILL CHECKS I found a convenient macro for doing skill checks here:&nbsp; <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/2918869/5th-edition-ogl-by-roll20-v1-dot-2/?pageforid=2972301#post-2972301" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/2918869/5th-edition-ogl-by-roll20-v1-dot-2/?pageforid=2972301#post-2972301</a> and looks like: Skills: /w "@{character_name}" &amp;{template:default} {{ [Acrobatics](~Acrobatics) [Animal Handling](~Animal_Handling) [Arcana](~Arcana) [Athletics](~Athletics) [Deception](~Deception) [History](~History) [Insight](~Insight) [Intimidation](~Intimidation) [Investigation](~Investigation) [Medicine](~Medicine) [Nature](~Nature) [Perception](~Perception) [Performance](~Performance) [Persuasion](~Persuasion) [Religion](~Religion) [Sleight of Hand](~Sleight_of_Hand) [Stealth](~Stealth) [Survival](~Survival)}} &nbsp; This creates a skill menu that ties to the 5e OGL and rolls. It’s great – albeit all the rolls are public. THIRD – BLIND SKILL CHECK BUTTONS Then, in my constant search for more convenience, I added a few key ‘common blind roll buttons’ – such as: !broll 1d20+@{stealth_bonus} for Stealth. !broll 1d20+@{perception_bonus} for Perception. And so on for any skills that I thought should be blind rolled instead of visible to the player. I made these into token actions too (screens were starting to look a bit busy…). And I figured I was done! &nbsp; Until… one of my players used the Skill Check Menu for a stealth check instead of hitting my Blind Roll Stealth button – and the Skill Check rolled Blind anyway! Turns out that with this combination of macros and API's - if I have a specific Blind Skill Check Macro (like Blind Perception) under Attributes &amp; Abilities then the normal Skill Check Menu will automatically roll that specific skill check as a Blind roll without the player needing to use the specific Blind Skill Macro - or indeed *whether or not* the Blind Skill Macro showing on the screen (you don’t need it to be in the token or macro bar for this to work). This saves lots of real estate on the screen, and means that my players dont actually need to use the Blind Check token action button (although for some reason that one does need to be on the screen). I have no idea why this works - I borrow and steal macros, I dont write them! - but I hope someone finds it useful. Cheers KT &nbsp;