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Nerdbauchery Needs You!

Happy Labor Day! We are very close to launch and are now looking for some testers to help us with making sure we bring you; the D&D roll20 community a one of a kind D&D online experience. These first test games will be ran inside the dungeons of Undermountain in full 3D terrain in synch with roll20! Your feedback on both technical, improv performance and aesthetic related issues will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help please PM us!
What game system is this?
Not a game system just a new way to play D&D with roll20. We actually posted about it on a previous thread which by now you probably already saw lol.
Hi ONT, You should post concise details on these play tests. Like, time zones, times, what system (5e?), what is needed from the players (voice, camera, etc), explain that it is a one shot for playtesting purposes (as opposed to a campaign). Like if you have a one shot for this upcoming Friday, you should post a separate post for a specific time on that day withthe above details. Also, you can consider cross posting to r/lfg on reddit (they dont allow pay to play games, so only recruit for playtests there, i think there is a related subreddit for pay to play, but might not get much traffic). I highly recommend looking at some other posters to see formatting.   Be careful of posting too many times as the mods might see it as spam, especially if it isnt for specific games/campaigns.
PM me please for further details so as not to appear as spam.