Hey fellow adventurers! Recently there has been some confusion about what we will be doing here on roll20 so we would like to explain in more detail exactly what Nerdbauchery does and why we think players will enjoy it. Nerdbauchery is a professional dungeon master company that will be using roll20 in unison with Dwarven Forge to provide you with a new type of live Dungeons & Dragons g aming session. What we will do is recreate dungeons, cities and environments exactly to the maps that are in the modules. I guess the best way to think about it is imagine someone recreating undermountain in Dwarven Forge then using nine possible separate camera angles they are able to live stream the dungeon to you while they are your dungeon master on roll20. This way whenever you move your token on the roll20 grid map you will see your actual miniature be moved by us on the Dwarven Forge map in full glorious immersive 3D. If you've never used Dwarven Forge before or any type of 3D dungeons to their full effect then I can promise you it's one of those things that once you see it and use it you don't want to go back to the old way of flat Maps. This is what we want to give to the Dungeons & Dragons community the ability to have access to lots of dungeon Master's wherever they are by using roll20 but also the ability to enjoy the premium experience of using custom 3D terrain that they only see on shows like critical roll or at gencon. We have shown this idea to a few people in testing and all the results were extremely positive people absolutely loved the fact that they could move their characters on the maps but also vertically on buildings or up a ship Mast during a battle giving a whole new level of play. Currently we have over 1,400 pieces being painted to recreate the docks District and sewers of waterdeep including an actual 33 inch playable ship. We will be able to zoom in and zoom out at your request and also give you boss battle camera angles upon request as well. Sorry for the wall of text hopefully this answers some of your questions and maybe you can forgive us now for the crappy teaser. We are now accepting public testers to give us feedback to help us improve our games for you even further! Reach out to us via PM if you are interested.