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Issue with Dynamic Lighting and Line of Sight


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I've been working on a cave that the players will be exploring in a future session over the course of a week or so, and I can't seem to get to the dynamic lighting to work the way I want it to when it comes to line of sight Here's a breakdown of my layers: Objecti/token: Torches set to being controlled only by characters with low light vision Dynamic Lighting layer: Objects that cast a normal torch radius of light as well as the polygonal shapes to define the boundaries of the map. My problem is: Even with those torches set to "all players see light" when I check what a given character would see (using ctrl l, or even joining as a player using a token and character I control) all I see is pitch black. Even when I have the character token set to emitting light around them, I see nothing. I've tried fiddling around with it a bit but I can't seem to track down just what is going wrong, would appreciate the insight though! -Tech Edit: I figured it out, I didn't have "has sight" checked on the tokens, thus they weren't able to "see" anything (Perhaps this should be defaulted to always on and checking it allows you to narrow the vision?) I'll leave this up for a day or two then delete it
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Sounds like you got it figured out. If you have any further problems please let us know.