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Executive level membership

I was thinking that maybe roll20 could start an additional level of membership for people who wouldn't mind paying an additional amount of money to guarantee that their games are seen at the top of the LFG list. We would be willing to pay an additional $500 per year for this service that's how serious we are about using roll20 and wanting people to know that we are here. The reason I suggest this is because it seems like the same games are always near the top. This way it would give all paying GM's an equal chance for their game to be seen. And also it's more money in roll20s pocket! I could pay this today just let us know. And this money would be up front unlike the pro membership if people wanted their game at the top the 500 would have to be paid all at once

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Not sure if I like this idea. I myself do not have a horse in the race so to speak (I don't advertise my games). But the idea of 'pay to win' GM/DM ads unbalances the purpose of the LFG space. Plus it would be playing 'favorites' in one particular part of the site for certain users that is reflected no where else. (No where does do Pro or Backers get higher ranking/featured posts than anywhere else). It plays into a misconception some users would see that "This is a better/more popular game" because they spent money. Which may or may not be true on the better part, but they are independent of each other. I think (or at least hope) that while Roll20 is a business, and has a business model of making a profit, that the concept of 'A more featured GM depending on depth of wallet' never becomes one of the business practices. As then the top of LFG area would be dominated by the pay to play GM's looking to maximize exposure. Not that pay to play is bad to each their own. But being able to usurp all the other ads for that cause would not be a positive addition to the environment. It would be mixing two separate groups, that peacefully exist on their own (paid vs free games), into one area with one having the clear and purchased advantage over the other. It opens a door that might not be beneficial to open. And at least for me if I was looking for a game, I would skim over the paid ones much like when searching google and passing up the 'google sponsored ads' at the top. (And I think any paid ad would need to state it was paid for, for transparency). I personally believe a better approach for you would be to reach out to Youtube GM's to sponsor, outside advertisers on RPG sites, and such so Roll20 and its site stays agnostic in the situation of your popularity. Now if Roll20 decided to partner with you, that's a different situation. As they would be teamed with you, vs you buying popularity and exposer.
I don't think it would be a problem in my opinion people already are paying anyway this would just be another level if you want to spend marketing dollars this way. In a situation where people are being allowed to pay to play then there is going to be competition and money and marketing dollars will come into it. Now if no one was able to make money off the games then it would be irrelevant. But if you have a situation where people are making money then you want to make sure that your games are seen if possible first. This option is just for people who want to get exposure quickly without having to worry about the ranking system. I don't consider it a pay-to-win situation if you're spending marketing dollars this way if you're also a professional GM. The rise of the professional dungeon master is becoming more and more prevalent and it's going to become more and more competitive and at some point either roll20 or some other site will be doing this where you're able to spend marketing dollars for a spot at the top of the page. I also think that if the GM's that are paying for those tops parts aren't good GMsthen people will realize it and not go to their games anyway so the market would work itself out. This is just more money in roll20 is coffers that's all I'm trying to put out there. We are serious about bringing what we are doing to roll20 and have absolutely no problems paying those marketing dollars. You have to spend money to make money. Think of it like dating sites you don't know if the girl or boy who pay for their top spot would be the best person for you but you see them first so you might reach out to them and that's what it's all about exposure. I think roll20 is a great program that is exactly why we are here and that's why I would trust in them enough to give them that $500 because I believe what they have is worth it. I would give them $1,000 if that's what it took. And of course since we have a business that is built around professional dungeon mastering on roll20 this would all be a tax write-off for us anyway.

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I've personally never had an issue with my games not being seen, and when browsing I have never noticed that it's the same games always at the top of the listing... though to be fair I never really put much attention into noticing any sort of pattern. Sorry your experiencing issues Nerdbauchery... Personally if you want to go the extra mile what I tend to do is network my players and join sites where multiple DMs/players can see advertisements on a pre-approved listing; like a discord server or a facebook page. From roll20's standpoint I can understand their hesitation to not create an executive membership though, they are trying to keep this platform where all people can play and enjoy their services without it feeling pay to win. I remember when roll20 first modified the memberships to include more space for plus and pro members to compensate their new music list, their was an outcry of people who were upset that the free accounts didn't get anything to help them remain applicable to run campaigns/games and I felt for them. Maybe instead of an executive membership, maybe roll20 should change their listing algorithm to rotate games listed? Or to meet some sort of middle ground maybe have a way to purchase advertising space/time? Not sure, just spitballing ideas
Its ok we are just moving forward. I am sure everything we be fine but hey if they ever want a little extra cash we are game. Roll20 is great for D&D so this ultimately is a minor issue. I am the builder for their dungeons so I get a little detail obsessed and like everything to line up but sometimes ya just gotta roll with it lol. 
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I'm personally not for it as to me this is a hobby and not a job but if it works for you, go forth and have fun while making money. A side note, have you looked into advertising on Roll20? Maybe buying some advertising space on their site or other such things they do like the emails, the ads that show up in the loading of the games and other things.
We have been running ourselves ragged just getting this all together but I will check into that.
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