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Firefly / Cortex Dice Pool Roller

I've got the Firefly character sheet working with the CortexPlus-DicePool.js. When you click on the names on the character sheet, it builds you a very nice looking Dice Pool entry in the chat, but... is there a way to actually then roll the dice? I can't seem to find anything that does that. 
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Have you looked at API Command Buttons ? Not sure if that'll help, but there are ways to get buttons to roll from the chat window.  API and Ability Command Buttons are a couple of ways...
I think I found the problem. The instructions for setting up the API say to  do this: I do that !cortex setup I do that in the chat - but there is no response. Should there be some response? And the readme says I should have some macros created at that point but there are no macros. I'm guessing it's the macros that would actually roll the pool.  Anyone with an idea why the setup wouldn't work or the macros not get created?
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I've never used that script so cant give specific suggestions, but just to check, have you followed all of the steps on this page? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
While I couldn't get the Setup to work to create the macros, I was able to dig around in the script and see how the macros worked. Creating them manually did the trick. So if someone else needs to do that: !pool Clear&nbsp; -- Command to clear out your existing pool !pool Roll -- Command to roll the pool !pool Add X Y -- Command to add an asset of die X to the pool with description Y. For example, I create tokens and use bar 1 to mark an asset the players can use. This command adds that to the pool:&nbsp;!pool add @{selected|bar1} @{selected|token_name}
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I think, unfortunately, that the API for this game hasn't worked in some time. I once tried to get in contact with Casey, who originally wrote it, but he appears to no longer use Roll20. I created a branch of the sheet for my own use that leverages action buttons as a dice roller. I'd intended to release it, but never had a chance to fully test the functionality. If you'd be interested in testing it out, I can invite you to a game? Then, if it suits your purpose, I could github the code.
I've got the API working, but, sure I'll take a look at another option. Better mousetrap and all.&nbsp;