Cornucopia This large swathe of arable land once served as the world's breadbasket. After the First Age collapse, the regions of the world can no longer rely on Cornucopia's grain exports. At times, even the residents of Cornucopia struggle with food shortages, as usable farmlands and peasant populations are prime targets for warring Clans. Cornucopia is also known for its enormous ruined cities, most of which are found along its greatest river. The Great Steppe The most likely origin point of the Jade Tribe, the Great Steppe has changed little throughout history. Mounted nomadic Clans bring their entire populations from grazing grounds to watering holes, occasionally raiding each other. In times of unity, these nomad Clans form a temporary Nation, whereafter they launch devastating invasions into Cornucopia, or other regions. The Fjords of Iron The unforgiving Fjords of Iron breed hearty folk. The peasants in this region rely heavily on their Paragon overlords for protection from abundant natural dangers, such as frozen yetis, beast folk tribes, and the ever looming Tundran Scourge. True to its name, the region contains abundant iron deposits, and the World's greatest smiths may be found here. Raider Isle Home of the World's greatest sailors, Raider Isle continues to plague the World's western coasts. Peace breaks out in Raider Isle once sufficient treasures have been accumulated, and the Raiders trade their plundered goods for essentials or luxuries needed to maintain their way of life. The Raiders are locked in an eternal war with the Sea Wretch, and they often clash with her minions on the sea, or the shores of victimized territories. Southern Satraps Once home to World's greatest empire, the Southern Satraps have fallen to the same infighting which has thrown the entire World into chaos. Jade deposits, and other precious metal mines, become the objects of envy by warring Nations. Given the abundance of magical materials, some of the greatest Clans come from this region. Arid Wastes Fortunately for the residents of the Arid Wastes, their lands are too inhospitable to warrant foreign invasion. Unfortunately, the lack of water in the region hinders the developments of non-nomadic societies. The Arid Wastes would have long ago fallen to the power-hungry denizens of the Land of the Dead, were it not for its corpse-desiccating sandstorms. This region is also known for its Behemoths, monsters as tall as mountains roaming in strange patterns, which occasionally bring them into more civilized regions, with tragic results. Woodhome Once home to the now-extinct Wood Elves, the jungle cities of Woodhome are known for their unique architecture. Entire settlements have been carved out of trees, which had grown to impossible sizes. The region's lumber, which the Wood Elves considered too sacred for use in construction, is now a chief export allowing for the creation of ships with hulls as hard as iron. Paragons of this region are skilled alchemists, experimenting with all manner of unique flora to create incredible concoctions. Endless Canopy Just beyond the outskirts of the relatively stability of Woodhome lie the ever-extending jungles of the Endless Canopy. Peasants have great difficulty thriving in this region, given innumerable natural hazards, and so Clans typically muster much smaller peasant populations than the rest of the world. Clans of this region keep the druid traditions alive, as they use their Permanencies to attain a symbiosis with nature. The Terror Lands For information on the Freezing Hells, Land of the Dead, and the Infestation, please see "The Four Terrors" wiki page.