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Handout not loading

Good evening! I'm a DM and in my game I have a lot of handouts.  However, there is one that is crucial and very text heavy.  All of my other handouts can load with ease except this one.  It stays on the "loading..." part of the handout.   Is it possible that someone from the roll20 dev side can access the handout and email the contents to me? Or is there a way to recover the contents? 
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Can you access the handout through external journal (outside the game, click on the content button, choose external journal)?
I didn't know that existed. Thank you for pointing me there.  However, the same issue keeps happening. Where the text should populate, I just get "loading..."
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
I had lag happening when I tried to access mine recently. I backed out and tried again. After a minute or so it showed up. Do you have any browser extensions? Sometimes they will interfere. Have you tried the steps in the troubleshooting procedures ?
Hello Danielle, I am sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue with loading your handout. This is a known issue that can occasionally occur if the handout is loaded too soon after the initial launching of the game. The devs are aware of this issue and are still investigating the root cause so we can prevent it in the future. However, to attempt to restore this handout, it will require a Roll Back . As a Pro subscriber, you have the ability to Roll Back your game to before you encountered this issue as long as it has been within the past 7 days.  If you have any issues trying to do this Roll Back yourself, please let us know the name of the campaign and handout, as well as when you first noticed this issue, and we will be able to provide additional assistance.  Thanks!
Thank you for your reply Dragon.  I'm not sure when the handout was "corrupted" so to speak so I am hesitant to roll it back. I haven't had to look at that particular handout in about 3 - 4 weeks, so it could have happened between the last time I used it and now.  Because of that, can I still provide the information and would it be possible to access the information on roll20's side? 
Hello Danielle, Please go ahead and provide us the information and we will pass it along to the devs.  Thanks!
Thank you Dragon Dreamer for your help in this situation! The name of the campaign is called "Exploration and Adventure on the Island of Anchor" The handout is called "Hospital Gala." Its a rather lengthy handout due to the GM notes, which is what is most important. 
Hello Danielle, Thank you for that information.  I have passed this issue along to the devs. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know. Thanks!