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Map Orientation in Tamoachan

The flavor text utilizes cardinal compass directions, however at least the first map appears rotated 90 degrees left, which makes for... well it's a pain in the rear to have to correct each instance while discussing with the party. I'm not sure how prevalent this is in other modules, but I believe it's due to be corrected. Personally I don't care if you rotate the map, or edit the cardinal directions in the text - but in paid content it needs fixing.
Unfortunately, that is the orientation the WotC presented the map in the published book. All Roll20 content in the modules replicates the book as written, so it is unlikely they will change it.
Unfortunate if that is the case.... because the purpose of technology is to make our lives better :) Seems an easy enough mistake to correct via text. s/north/easta s/west/north s/south/west s/east/south s/easta/east
The Aaron
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It's probably more about contractual agreement to present the information in as unaltered a state as possible, and less about capability. I can probably write a script to correct either the orientation or the text (though the orientation would be easier). 
Thanks Aaron - but don't put yourself out. If it's a contractual thing we'll just keep using some brain cycles for the "west, wait no north..." for what we have going now, and reconsider purchasing future modules that have rotated maps.