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System: D&D 5th  |  Faerun > Midgaard Player Count: 4-6  Game Days & Times: Asynchronous - Play by Post  Discord Link: Message me for a link Gameplay: Roll20/Discord/DnD Beyond  Interested?: Join the server, come chat with me to see if it is up your alley, and we will get you rolling a character in no time! Notes: You will have access to all DnD Beyond material. Other non-official material accepted on case-by-case basis. Two Brother's sit at the world's edge. One fair, one dark. They look look out, seeing the vastness of the cosmos. As they sit, something in that vastness stirs. They sat there in silence until one brother stood and walked away. When he did, he was smiling. All teeth.
Your server is expired. Can I check it out?
How many open spots do you currently have available?
Currently 3-5 spots available right now!
I'm interested. What do you need from me?
heya. I'd also like to check this out
Yo, i'm interested! Can i get the link? Thanks!
I would be interested in playing as well if times match up
Hey Ryan, I'm interested in your game. May I get a link please?