Hi all, I am looking to get a character sheet made for Best Left Buried, it's a pretty basic system but I have no idea how to make a graphically appealing/functional sheet, so I was wondering if people take comissions to do sheets, and if so what is the going price? The sheet can be found here: <a href="https://imgur.com/KwIplFp" rel="nofollow">https://imgur.com/KwIplFp</a> The basic macros needed would be roll 2d6 + Stat, roll 3d6 + stat (keep best 2), roll 3d6 + Stat (keep worst 2), roll 1d3 + WITS for Init, roll 3d6, roll 1d3, roll 2d6. Oh and a death roll which is basically a coin flip! I have made a functional version using the basic sheet, but am looking for something more intuitive and visually appealing for my players. Kind regards.