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Chibben Grove - Enduring Wounds Images no longer loading

I purchased the "Chibben Grove - Enduring Wounds" and the decks card  Images, are no longer loading.
The Aaron
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API Scripter
Confirmed, I see the same problem.&nbsp; The image request gets: &lt;Error&gt; &lt;Code&gt; AccessDenied &lt;/Code&gt; &lt;Message&gt; Access Denied &lt;/Message&gt; &lt;RequestId&gt; A938AEB90916B8DB &lt;/RequestId&gt; <span class="button collapse-button" style="user-select: none; cursor: pointer; display: inline-block; margin-left: -10px; width: 10px; background: url(&quot;data:image/svg+xml, &quot;); vertical-align: bottom; height: 10px;"> &lt;HostId&gt; 5U2HfYfYAq1VTNDHmLRvYx5r5YtOrUNEanYNiwBsyNnwxl9mU9XYg20JCR3/YpxL2gBNb0cejks= &lt;/HostId&gt; &lt;/Error&gt;
Hello all, I have also confirmed this issue. I have passed this information along to the devs. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know. Thanks!

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Roll20 Team
Hey all -&nbsp; Thank you for the reports! Just wanted to let you know we're working with our dev team and the creator to get this item fixed as soon as possible. Also, we are further investigating the situation for future issue prevention. We'll keep you posted as soon as we have more information. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.
Roll20 Team
This should be updated and you should have a prompt to patch your game using this Marketplace product. Thank you for the report!