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Add support for Cyberpunk Red crits and fumbles in dice expressions.

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Sheet Author
Cyberpunk Red has a novel system of crits and fumbles, which is currently unsupported by Roll20 dice expressions. A skill roll in Cyberpunk Red proceeds as follows: Roll 1d10. If the result is 1, subtract 1d10 from the roll. If the result is 10, add 1d10 to the roll. This is rather like an "exploding die" that only explodes once, and can explode negatively. The current workaround in the Cyperpunk Red character sheet (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) is to roll a bunch of dice and do branching in the roll template based on the first roll. This can look confusing to the end user, so it would be great if Roll20 supported CPR-style rolls directly.
I support the change/fix