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How to test lang-* overrides


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Matt Carpenter
Sheet Author
I am attempting to pull up the german translated version of my sheet to test some style adjustments I made.  I normally just run a campaign with a custom sheet, which is just the latest development iteration of my code.  I can swap out the translations json but that won't trigger the .lang-de style overrides I put in place. There has got to be a better way than submitting the pull request, getting it merged into Roll20 production, then finding out it wasn't quite right.

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Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
There are a lot of things that should be better...for example, being able to test the sheet.json file, etc.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure there is...maybe change your profile setting to use German? I'm not sure if that will do it or not. As a sheet author, I'm also working with someone who from France, I'll point him here and see if he has a way to test the French styles, but I'm thinking maybe not, because when there have been problems, we've generally just modified the CSS for the English (totally forgetting that we can do a .lang thing. EDIT: Actually, I think that may work, because I remember working with a guy who speaks Portuguese and we'd made some changes for that language and I created a separate game with the Portuguese translation file and he was able to use that to test some stuff...

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Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Yes, changing the language on your account would show the language specific CSS changes in your game, no matter if you have a custom sheet or one from the dropdown. If you use a custom sheet, you need to use the translation file for the language you want to test obviously. I did this back when I worked on fixing few visual things related to Italian on the DnD5E Official sheet. For reference, here is the adjustments I made to how Italian looks on the sheet. .charsheet.lang-it input[type=radio].sheet-tab-button.sheet-core, .charsheet.lang-it input[type=radio].sheet-tab-button.sheet-core + span {    right: 146px;    width: 60px; } This part manually adjusted the with of one of the tabs/buttons on the sheet for players who had their account set to Italian. It made the button wider to fit the longer, italian version of the word, as well as adjusted it's position.
Oh Excellent ! Thanks @Andreas ! I didn't know you could add CSS specific for the language ! Thanks @finderski for pointing that thread to me. I can certainly re-increase the fonts for Wounds and Fatigue for English, and reduce them for French only.