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Pathfinder: Jade Regent adventure path. Saturday, 7PM EST.


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Simply posting to see if I can collect a band to play through this after my last group did not end so well. What: Pathfinder, the Jade Regent adventure path campaign. When: Saturdays, 7PM EST (ish. Later is possible), weekly. How: Skype voice mandatory, no text. Details: Must have a functional working knowledge of the Pathfinder system, though min-maxers/powergamers need not apply. This is a very NPC-driven story campaign, with tons of content I've added to pad out the length. This will not be a simple hack-and-slash, so comfortable in-character roleplaying is necessary. The pace is deliberately rather slow and relaxed. Character building will be a collaborative process to make sure the characters fit the setting and work with the campaign. 20-Point Buy. Restrictions: Core races only. It's not a rule, but I prefer human games because it's simpler. No class restriction, but please don't build game-breaking full-casters or mass summoners. I reserve the right to veto classes. Third-party I may consider, depending on what it is, but Dreamscarred is a yes. Bonus: If you have experience with at least the first book of Rise of the Runelords, and are familiar with the Sandpoint setting, you'll probably be bumped up to the top of the list. This is purely because it makes it easier to get right into the character process without having to explain things. The kind of player I'm looking for is mature, easy to get along with, and isn't a flake who will miss sessions unannounced. If that sounds like your bag, send me a message or give me a shout directly on Skype: Askren-
Added you on skype. Sent you my monk sheet but il wait until we have others. Will most likely go Half-Elf Paladin or a Halfling or Human Monk.
Interested though I have not had any contact with Pathfinder AP's before
Bumping. I have at least one player. Ideal group size is 4.

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Hey, i'm interested to join your game :) I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia (GMT+7) Anyway this my skype: william_chuarsa I've played few pathfinder games, mostly in homebrew setting, so i'm not really familliar with the the original pathfinder settings I will probably play as Human Wizard (mainly in necromancy stuffs, don't worry i only pick the reasonable spells for fluff, not mainly in meta build)
Still recruiting. Send me a message on Skype, as I'd like to start doing character building this Saturday.
Sent a skype message, I am the guy who will be away next saturday though.
I'd love to join, if possible. I have a fighter character ready but will play anything.
Send a message on Skype if you want to get in contact.

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I would be interested in joining your campaign. I would most likely play a human rogue, but I am very flexible and open to playing any class that would better help the party. I am experienced with Pathfinder and I have played Rise of the Runelords.
I am interested in joining your campaign. Have some experience in Pathfinder. I sent you a message on Skype.
I'm going to be going through everything and putting together the final group sometime tonight. If I missed your message, which is possible since I'm sometimes on my phone, or you haven't gotten in touch, make sure to do so by tonight if you want to apply. Nothing is final yet. Other than that, if we have spoken, you may be added to a Skype group later. And thanks to those who expressed interest.
I have tried getting in contact with you over Skype, but here is my skype name. Cam V Please, contact me if you wish to have me included in the campaign.