I've worked a little bit with dynamic lighting in Roll20 but I hadn't encountered this issue until today. I created a map using dynamic lighting (Update on Drop, Forced Line of Sight, and Restrict Movement). I tested it (Shift+L) and everything worked fine. Not leaving well enough alone, I decided to see how the map would look using Global Illumination. I turned it on and not liking it, turned it off. Unfortunately, it does not seem to want to turn on. My characters can now see everything on the map (except things restricted by LoS) regardless of the illumination level of the light sources on the map. I've tried reloading the page, clearing the cache. Even tried logging onto a player only account to see if the players view would be different. I shut Global Illumination on and off again. Shut off Dynamic Lighting completely along with all the toggles and then turned them all on again. I've obviously done something wrong as I don't remember this ever happening before when I've toggled Global Illumination.  Any help here would be appreciated. EDIT: Just checked a separate map I have in the same campaign and the Global Illumination is activating and deactivating as it should. EDIT 2: Nevermind. I discovered the problem. Just in case anyone is wondering, it seems when I changed the unit of measurement in the game, I didn't factor that information into my lighting sources so they ended up illuminating WAY more than they should have. I had checked the lighting sources but didn't notice think about the units of measurement changing there so didn't notice that anything was wrong. Thanks anyway guys.