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Greenscreen - but pink and for dynamic lighting

I think it would be amazing if there was a way to include the dynamic lighting in the maps in such a way that roll20 can decode what my map is trying to tell it. Pink here is an example, any one color that's never used elsewhere would do. And then when used, a dynamic lighting layer is read directly from the image. Only problem with that is that potentially the map is made particularly smooth... at which point you'll need to have a mechanism in place that makes it less smooth so you'll be able to compute fast enough -- if dynamic lighting computation is as resource intense as I imagine it might be... Have you considered this before? Anything that would have to happen before this can happen?
Roger A.
Sheet Author
Do you mean a way to have a map image contain dynamic lighting information of its own? So that when you place the map, it automatically knows where the dynamic lighting lines are? It seems like that would only save time if it were done on marketplace assets by the creators. Otherwise you still need to spend the time in some other program editing to make the picture include your lighting info....

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Yes, that's what I mean. It wouldn't have to be an official marketplace asset - but yes it would make those more valuable as well, since I don't have to worry about doing it myself after purchasing a map with that feature. I like exchanging maps with other GMs in forums and what not, and putting in the extra work to have it come with the dynamic lighting already done could carve off work for the people using my maps. Also that way you can work on maps for later use with dynamic lighting even while you don't have access to the feature yourself yet. -- For example I'm not currently a supporter/mentor but intend to be once I make it past my finals (i.e. have time to run more games). With this I'd be able to prep my maps so I can get started with running games with lighting as soon as I'm ready. I'm also not connected to the internet a lot of the time. I work on my tokens offline, would be great to be able to do all the map work offline as well, and then just upload it when I'm ready to rock :) Also I hate the idea of having to click a million times - and selecting things in programs like photoshop is just one smooth motion. Further I could use things like the paint bucket, the magic wand and other tools that would select anything behind the little bit of the cave walls that I've drawn nicely. -- You know how you can move the token around pressing spacebar for leaving markers? If you could do that for dynamic lighting (i.e. so I don't have to click a lot), that might speed things up, too. Though not nearly as much as putting the info in a convenient way into the map itself. --- Still the latter would be a greater revision of the system compared to the former. Just asking if it's possible, and how much work it would involve to make it so. It's important to remember that there are many kinds of GMs. Some really love the map making part of things and others would love to just pull up maps that are close enough -- or don't think of themselves as talented enough. Admittedly the dynamic lighting is easy enough, but I guess not being lazy is some kind of talent, right? :-P And not everyone has that. I think it would seriously help get certain people to subscribe. I remember when I saw dynamic lighting as a feature I was like "well... that looks cool. one more layer of work I'll feel obligated to do!" - but then in a game I needed fog of war in a cave, and using the squares was unclean and the polygon took way way too long ingame and I was like "oh that's why it's worth it." Seeing use for it changed it from more work for cool feature to less stress (i.e. same polygon work but before the game starts) and cool feature. But the same work part of things is still there. If I get a map from someone else where they already did the dynamic lighting work at some point, I'll have to do it again and other way around; right?