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[LFP] Post-Apocalypse Under the Sea: yeah the climate is doomed so let's have a laugh about it


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The humans poisoned this world then left it to die. The lands desolate wastes, the skies brooding clouds of smog, the seas an acidic chemical soup. But life is stubborn and difficult to eradicate, clinging on like so many barnacles to the empty piers of mankind's failures. It wasn't easy, and few survived, but from the toxic depths emerged a hardy, cunning, and cynical new epoch of life. Now, marauding bands of dolphins high on puffer-fish venom pillage bleached-out reefs for supplies, preying on lesser fishes too gorged on plastics to resist them. Ravenous sharks roam the open waters, protecting the wrecks of human ships brimming with lost tech where they've discovered the cyberaugments that give them the edge in their constant battles for turf and supremacy. Rumors flow the currents that not all the humans abandoned this world long ago, that boats still occasionally sail from the husks of their ancient ports. But just as many rumors end with tales of killer whale pods hunting down these vessels, and making the humans pay in blood for the sins of their ancestors. Through human interference, evolution, mutation, or heck maybe even dem aliens, life under the sea is awakened... and it's not friendly. This harsh aquatic world is rough and unhewn, it's up to you to carve out your piece with salt and blood. Life is cruel and fleeting below the depths, how will you make your mark before it's washed away by the tide? The aim is to be a raunchy, tongue-in-cheek escapade meant to assuage the creeping existential dread of our planet's ecological and climatic decline with a bit of humor. The tone can get serious at times, but if you're looking for a game meant to be played strictly straight-faced, this may not be the one for you. I'm imagining this as Finding Nemo meets Mad Max. Post interest and questions here or through PM to me. Please at minimum say something about why this interests you and why others will have fun playing with you. The game will likely be managed through Discord for communication. Details subject to group consensus when I've recruited players. Make sure to hit "follow topic" in the top right to keep updated :)
I've got a crew of three to four interested in plunging the depths of this waste"land". Are we correct in presuming we'd be play as sea creatures?
Aye aye . It is I, one of the three to four. This looks pretty fun, mixing Mad Max into anything, let alone D&D, has my interest. 

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I like the premise and I'm good with adult humor but the question is, is there a system involved here of any kind? I would rather know if there's at least some structure to this before I plunge into the big bad ocean depths. also, will we get a cameo from dethklok's murmaider? 
@Witty yes, you're literally sentient sea life. You can be a lobster, or a narwhal, or an entire school of krill operating as a hivemind, or an amalgamation of barnacles that have strapped a propeller blade to a rock and powers it with squid farts. Everyone will inexplicably be capable of interacting with objects as if they had disembodied opposable thumbs. @Louthinator I don't really follow Dethklok so I'd have to listen to the tracks to get the full story, but that sounds like exactly the kind of cheap pop culture reference meme that belongs here. 
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