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Ingame timeline

I know many games don't rely heavily on this, but I think it's partially because of how inconvenient it often is to track time. I still can't think of any way that would help, but I'd love it if there could be a convenient way to do that. I'm thinking a counter where you can just "add" a minute, hour, day, month or year to the time counter... and a connected timeline so that you get a pop up when a certain date is reached. A bit like an initiative tracker but for events. Like I'd have an event that says "employer is angry" (in 2.5 days) and "employer gives up on the contract, if no contact is made before now" and put it on the timeline three days in the future from now on the "GM layer" of the timeline. And a second event on the visible layer that says "Employer said: be back in two days, or else! - that was two days ago... oh oh." Currently I'm considering making a page for that and just moving tokens around to represent days. given the right background map (I can make that) it should be doable/useful. With an API I could move all the event representing tokens to the left with a macro representing time going by. - However, we can only look at one page at a time. The initiative tracker is available independently of which page you're on. That's cool. - Maybe an external site is more useful for this -- if there is a tool for this. Do you know any?
There are a couple of API already made to handle this. One uses a token to represent an hourglass or a stopwatch, including it's bubble stats . Then there's another that uses a character sheet and it's attributes to keep track of time via hours, days, months, even years.

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Thanks for sharing that, especially the character sheet will be awesome. -- Once we'll be able to have different types of character sheets in the same game (such as one for simple NPCs, one for Players and a variety of types of tools, this could be made even more awesome. :)