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[Help] Shooting arrows


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Here someone talked about someone else having a visually appealing way of arrows being shot ("an arrow traveled to another token"), and someone else replied "[moving and dropping etc.] would require a lot of work for such a small reward but it's the only thing that comes to mind." -- And my thinking is, it's only a lot of work for the person or people who first write(s) the script, if there's a way of doing that automatically, that's easy to share with others once it's done. I'm interested in helping with making this happen: /me raises his bow and aims. One breath, then the arrow is released, flying towards the target. [[1d20+?{Bonus}]] vs @{target|AC} SCRIPT-stuff that I don't have access to yet (not upgraded yet): IF attack roll > AC, then insert this image: between the archer and the target, oriented with the top right corner in direction target. Pick it up, drop it one square closer to the target. Repeat, until target is reached, then delete and instead add with the bottom left corner oriented towards the archer. Link this image to the target token. Is this possible to do in API? -- Rough estimate how much work would this be? -- If I made it, would you use it?

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Sheet Author
API Scripter
Doable? Certainly. Complicated? More than many of the API scripts floating around, but not in the grand scheme of things. How much work? At an estimate, a few hours. Were I playing Scrum Poker, I'd give this a 5. (It would probably take fewer than 5 hours in practice, but I play Scrum Poker conservatively, and Scrum Poker is not super granular.) Would I use it? Eh, probably not. I'm sure there are people who would, though! Note: Roll20 is capable of moving tokens pixel-by-pixel, not simply square-by-square. Moving the arrow token in much smaller increments would look much better in actual play.
That is amazingly good to hear. So when it's dropped I'd tell the script to treat it as drawing so it doesn't snap to grid? Sounds good. - Got final exams until the 24th of April - and I don't want to distract myself by having access to all the cool things quite yet. End of April I'll upgrade and give making this a "shot" ;) -- anyone who wants to give this a shot, feel free to share the results here, even for contributing parts of the code.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I suppose you could treat it as a drawing, but any graphic can be moved by-pixel. Try holding down the Alt key when you move a token with your mouse the next time you're in a game. ~_^
UHHH! THat's so cool! I always switched back and forth between "is drawing" and "isn't" for moving things a little bit. -- Where can I find all the short cuts like that for Roll20?
check out the wiki for a few adv shortcuts. This requires the adv keyboard shortcuts option in the settings tab while the campaign is active to be selected. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>