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Pathfinder Beginner Box, 1-shot for brand new players. The less experience the better.

Since I'm bored and between games right now, I'm thinking of offering my services to teach some people the Pathfinder system. So what is it? Beginner Box is a one-shot game, usually played with pre-generated Iconic characters, though I would be happy to spend time on how to create characters from scratch too, just not for the actual game because it would take too long. Who is this game for? Brand new players, preferably. People who have never played an RPG before and/or new to roleplaying in general, or just want to learn the system from scratch. Please, no players who know the system and just want a game to pass the night. I'll be happy to explain the system from start to finish, which will touch on character building, both personally and with a group, roleplaying and interacting with NPCs, and of course the basics of actually playing the game, including combat, plot, and the mechanics involved. When? Well, that depends on the group. Most of my week is free, so if you intend to play, please provide availibility and the ability to work out a session day. We'll be playing via Skype voice, not text, so be availible for conversing via Skype.
hey I would be up for learning how to play path finders. id be a complete newb and i live in the uk so any days but mondays and tuesday. depending on time ofc
Hey, I would be interested in taking you up on this offer as well. I have a tiny amount of experience with RPGs, but only a couple get togethers with friends that live near me (& not Pathfinder). I am interested in learning more about different rule sets & getting more involved with RPGs in general. My availability is most nights after 5:30pm EST, and weekends I generally make plans around whatever I want to do.
Hey there, I'm very interested in learning how to play Pathfinders as well. I love RPG's, but have never played table-top ones before. I'm usually free after 8pm EST most nights, and on the weekend it varies.

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Is this still open? I am interested in learning how to play. I am available after 10:00 am Central time weekends only
Can i get in?
It's possible, though my weekends are taken up. So it's going to have to be either Monday or Tuesday at about 6PM EST. My schedule changes after that, so I don't know when I'll be free.
No experience with Pathfinder but have been reading d20 rules. I would like to join and am available wed. after 8pm cst or thurs-sat all day.
Thanks for offering to teach us how to play Pathfinder Askren. I have always wanted to play table top RPG's but I never knew anyone who could teach me how to play. Im available on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm PST and any time on Wednesdays
I am exactly the kind of player you want :P interested in RPG's but haven't played one yet! I am GMT +5:30
I'll be running this tonight and tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, at 7PM EST. If you're interested, send me a message saying you will be there. I'm not going to respond to individual posts, sorry I just don't have time to pin individuals down and invite them. Send me a message on Skype: Askren- I'll put together a group chat when I have at least 3 or 4 people.