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Experienced player looking for weekly or monthly games!

Hello! I am Nikki I have been playing D&D for 8 years now. I mostly play 5e but I have played a lot of pathfinder and 4e as well as one or two games of 1st edition and 3.5. I love to play in balanced parties and love to doodle my fellow party members!  I work 9-5 est so I would prefer games after 6:30 or weekend games. I am also preferable to a game with discord servers! Feel free to DM me post here or add me on discord! Resident Heathen#6666
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Hello Nikki, I'm running a game called Stars Without Numbers. The mechanics of the system are based on d&amp;d so your experience will serve you well and make the system feel familiar. At the same time you'll get a whole new world of sci-fi mysteries to explore, lasers to shoot, robot bounty hunters and more. If you would like to give sci-fi a shot I would recommend taking a look at the listing. Here's a link to the LFG listing. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Thanks, -- Squeegee
Here is some information on weekly adventures I am running. &nbsp; Pathfinder 2E Wednesday Nights from 6:00 pm till 9:00 pm. Archmage adventure using Pathfinder 2E. Looking for 4 players of 1st to 2nd level.&nbsp; There is also 4 pre-made characters available or you can create your own. I will be setting up discord asap.
Sent you a discord friend request.
Im starting a Reign of Winter pathfinder campaign monday evenings if you are interested