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Community Roundtable Oct 6 - My (rough) notes

Loren the GM
Marketplace Creator
In case anyone missed it, there was a Roundtable today. I'm posting my notes from watching live, but please don't take my interpretation as what was said.  These are very rough notes, taken during the live stream, so my apologies for any mistakes/misinterpretations in advance. As always, the best source is to watch for yourself. The notes are grouped by how they were presented (questions from forum users, questions from live chat, etc.), not necessarily the chronological order they were presented in. Presenting: Trivia - Director of Licensing Carlos - Content Producer Olivia - Junior Developer Dylan - Graphic Designer Wishlists New Feature for Marketplace! Send wishlists, make wishlists, GM wishlists, buy for your GM, etc. Dylan hints at music coming to Marketplace. “No, there isn’t any music” Orr Group Industry Report Being worked on currently. Data pulled this week. Expect to hear about it soon - no exact date as it is still being compiled. Pathfinder 2 Bestiary Rulebook release - next week - Tuesday! Roll20Con will highlight the book during one of Adam’s streams. Excited about growing Pathfinder on Roll20. Roll20Con Oct 5&6 2 days of streaming for charity. A bunch of streams lined up, games and panels - see the schedule posted on the website for more details. Carlos spoke a lot regarding Roll20Con about 25 minutes into the stream, but mostly just details on the specific scheduled events and speakers/players. Charity pack and t-shirt - all proceeds support Take This Tag your game for Roll20Con and you can use dynamic lighting through the 15th. Olivia is working on fixing bugs. No major announcements from her. Olivia was the dev who worked on the token bars overhaul. Explains some of the thoughts behind the update. Speaking-as update as well. She learned a lot on this, difficult fix for a junior dev to work on. Dylan has a grab-bag of tasks. Marketplace images, fliers and web for Roll20Con, visuals for social media, etc. Forum Questions Black and White sketch style of recent WotC modules. Can Roll20 make high quality map alternatives for VTT? Trivia - They have heard people aren’t into the maps, although some people super like them. This is an opinion thing, so nothing they are going to do. Send feedback to WotC if you don’t like them - they are the ones who make this decision. Marketplace map tiles are a great resource to redo maps. Curse of Strahd - early product, isometric maps which don’t play well. Someone in the conversion process made the new maps because of how badly it would impact play experience. Balance between what is playable vs preference. Out of the Abyss release? Trivia - 2020 back catalog complete on WotC. No exact date, but SCAG, OOTA and DMG will all release in 2020. Revisions to Advanced Fog of War? Olivia - Refactored a lot of code, which didn’t work well with dynamic lighting. Canvas tech is limited in what it can do to make everything work together. Trying to make a new unified lighting system with WebGL that will bring these systems into a new system. Complete overhaul, stepping away from Canvas. She is not dev on this, but this is the plan. No specific dates or timelines mentioned. Chat Questions As a new user, has there been any thought of doing video content of a live game from the vantage point of the GM? Carlos - yes, they are working on a video or project on this. Want to do more how to and GM facing stuff. Roll20Con will have a GM Build Session Sat 3 PM PST. What dev skills are most sought after in a Roll20 developer? What does a typical day look like for a dev? Olivia - Ability to listen and learn. Personality - fun and get along with. Typical day - they work in 2 week sprints, tickets must be accomplished in those two weeks. Start the day with a standup with team, talk through blockers and project status. Remote company, so more meetings because of video calls instead of walking to someone’s office. Meetings and coding. Second objects and tokens layer? Olivia - Nothing specific in the works for those exact terms Can users create their own character sheets or sell them on marketplace? Pro users can create custom character sheets. HTML, Javascript, CSS. No plans on sheets for sale. Volunteer or Roll20 produced sheets. Check out the sheet community on Roll20 forums, users there are awesome and helpful! Print character sheets? Unaware of specific development, please support it in suggestion forum if this is something you want. This is highly requested, but hasn’t come up as a solid conclusion. Olvia says there are some devs who are passionate about this, so keep your eyes open for this. MISSED A QUESTION HERE - Will update when VOD is available Broad roadmaps for major updates? They will look into whether public roadmaps have been updated. They intend for them to be updated, so if they haven’t been they will check into it. Question for Dylan - what is your favorite Star Wars Video Game? Star Wars Racer, Star War Role Playing Game. UI updates or redesign for the site? Wishlist! The rest of the site should switch towards more like the Wishlist page. Sneak peak of how the design is shifting of the site. Storage space pricing? Additional space allotments? They have had internal discussion regarding subscription levels, but nothing to share at this time. Space increased for all users earlier this year. Any plans to produce more plush dice? D4 or d8? No answer at this time, but they’ll ask. Comped pro accounts for creators? Marketplace creators have to have Pro account for space and upload room for new product under current system. Trivia wants to find a way to support marketplace creators, they are aware and hearing this, looking for solutions. Funny behind the scenes stories of working at Roll20? Carlos does Sonic the Hedgehog impersonation. Not really funny stuff - “haha, there was a miscommunication” or “that one mis-spelling on a marketplace item!” or “that funny emoji in chat” Roll20 chats have lots of emojis - everyone has favorites Pets Dylan has his dog Olivia has two cats - Winston and Churchill Trivia has a d20 Carlos has a Teenage mutant ninja turtle Next Round table: November 6 Playing The Quiet Year during the round table.
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Thanks Loren. This one completely slipped my mind.
Sheet Author
MUCH appreciated! I always want to know but don't have the time to sit and watch. Thank you!